Monday, January 09, 2006

HIt and Run

Today I got a call about yet another bobcat struck by a car. This time the animal was not killed, but severely injured and lying on the side of the road. We gathered a crew and some supplies and raced to the scene. Driving there in bumper to bumper traffic through miles of new strip malls and condos, I just kept wondering if there is even a place for wild animals anymore. How sad . When we arrived , a police officer and the gentleman who called me were waiting by the cat as the cars whizzed by. It was an adult male bobcat and he was breathing very rapidly, very much in shock , but no obvious injuries. We had brought a few nets, but only needed a blanket to place him in the transport cage for the trip to the vet. After stopping at every red light on North Dale Mabry we finally arrived at the vet's office. The cat was a little more awake now, so he was sedated and given i.v. fluids, steroids, and pain killers. Dr. Stacie examined him and took x-rays. He has some trauma to his internal organs and a pretty good concussion, but no broken bones. He was given antibiotics and placed in an oxygen cage, where he will spend the night. Only time will tell if he will survive, I'm just hoping he makes it through the night. A special thanks to the people who slid him off the road and kept watch until we arrived. Also a big thanks to Dr. Stacie Wadsworth, who never knows what to expect when the Big Cat van pulls into her driveway.

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utahsaint said...

I know what you mean there really are no places for wild animals anymore. You should see all the little critters that get hit by cars everyday out here.