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Interviews with Scott Lope

Recent Interviews with Scott Lope


224 Joe Bell's Golf Show featuring Big Cat Rescue is on every Sunday night 10:30, Ch 6 on Brighthouse, or WB 38 on Direct TV beginning back in November 2006.

223 January 2006 issue of Glamour Magazine did a follow up on the August photo with a 1/3 page about Big Cat Rescue with photos of Carole, Howie and Bailey the bobcat.

222 12/30/05 The Animal Atlas ran a 30 minute feature on Fox in Hickory, N.C. on Big Cat Rescue and an interview with Scott Lope.

221 12/28/05 The Washington Post did a story on a 10 year old who did a peaceful protest of tigers being used for store openings.  The article mentions that she used the protest to raise awareness for Big Cat Rescue and nice quotes from HSUS as well.  More...

220 12/9/05 The New York Times listed us at their top 10 things to do when you are in Tampa.  Read it here.

219 12/4/05 The Columbus Dispatch in Ohio ran a travel article on Big Cat Rescue that brought visitors from Ohio right away.

218 11/26/05 Accent on Tampa Bay did a feature story on Big Cat Rescue here:

217 11/25/05 The Tampa Tribune's Maurna Bales did a large feature in her Volunteer Connect column asking for items on our wish list.

216 11/24/05 Channel 10 WTSP showed Big Cat Rescue's Thanksgiving Day treats for the big cats and how much they enjoyed it.

215 11/23/05 The Tampa Tribune's NW section and the Carrollwood News both gave the entire cover to Big Cat Rescue and the story of the cubs we saved after their mother was shot to death by a hunter. 

214 11/22/05 Fox 13's Cynthia Smoot did a great piece on the rescue of the three cubs who were orphaned when a hunter shot their mother.

213 11/21/05 Channel 8 did a follow up story on the progress of the three orphaned cougar cubs. See it here.

212 11/19/05 Sean Ledig of the Tampa Tribune covered the zoning application made by Big Cat Rescue for our recent purchase of 3 more acres and pointed out the need for funding and corporate support.

211 11/13/05 Cox Radio station 102.5 the Bone's Jeff Slater did a 30 minute interview with Carole Baskin about Big Cat Rescue's holiday fundraising, fur trade protests, and many other issues that affect the big cats.

210 11/1/05 The Weekly Planet covered the rescue of three orphaned mountain lions and the magazine subscription fundraiser in progress.

209 10/28/05 Channel 13, Channel 10 and Channel 8 all did stories on the arrival of the three baby mountain lions who were orphaned by a hunter's bullet.  Their story is here.

208 10/18/05 Visit News Channel 10s website http://www.tampabays10.com and scroll down the page, under the Morning Around the Bay Stories, to find a link about Fur Ball and Big Cat Rescue following Gemma and Mario's interview with Carole Baskin.

207 10/16/05 Radio 103.5 Country's Mike Serio interviewed Carole about Big Cat Rescue and the Fur Ball.

206 10/16/05 Cox Radio Stations (all 6) ran 300 Fur Ball ads and promo spots for the past month.

205 10/14/05 Bay News 9's Fur Ball interview with Carole and Auroara the tiger at Big Cat Rescue runs every half hour around the clock.

204 10/11/05 Fox 13 ran a story on Adventure Outfitter's climb to benefit the Snow Leopards of Big Cat Rescue and interviewed Scott Lope about their plight in the wild.

203 9/23/05 The Tampa Tribune headline read, "Flappers, Gansters:  Relive the Roaring 20s at the Fur Ball.

202 9/23/05 When St. Pete Times Party Animal, Amy Schertzer launched her new party blog, Big Cat Rescue's Fur Ball was the example she used of a great party.  http://www.sptimes.com/party/

201 Katie Marsico quotes Scott Lope the General Manager of Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida, who insists that public awareness is the key to halting what is rapidly becoming America 's "big cat crisis." Read the article...

200 9/17/05 Ch. 10 ran this story: Big cats bring in donations for displaced animals Video Story (go online to see the video) Tampa , Florida Some rescued wild cats were showcased on Saturday to benefit cats and dogs that need to be rescued. A group called Big Cat Rescue held a tour in Tampa to raise money for animals displaced by Hurricane Katrina. Guests saw tigers, lions and other wild cats for a $10 donation. Scott Lope, Big Cat Rescue: "We want to take care of the animals too. There's been so many victims of this hurricane and that there's a lot of animals whose owner's homes have been destroyed or their owners have perished so we want to make sure they're taken care of too." Big Cat Rescue is home to more than 150 exotic cats that were abandoned or abused. The non-profit sanctuary has already sent animal supplies to the Gulf Coast . All the money raised on Saturday will go to the Humane Society of the United States and Emergency Animal Rescue Service. Tampa Bay 's 10 News See the video HERE.

199 August issue Glamour Magazine ran a photo of Carole and Howard Baskin on a recent trip to New York City.

198 8/22/05 CBS interviewed Big Cat Rescue for input on the mauling death of the teenager in Kansas at Lost Creek Sanctuary and Animal Studio.

197 8/19/05 Bay News 9 reported the mauling death of a teenage girl posing for photos with a tiger in Kansas and contrasted that sort of activity at a pseudo sanctuary to a real sanctuary, Big Cat Rescue. 

196 8/18/05 A PSA produced by Sherry Sacino, President of Youth Empowerment Alliance, Inc.  will be shown on local TV stations throughout Tampa Bay area. Later it may run nationwide.  See it HERE.

195 7/30/05 Bay News 9 reporter Chris Hawes investigated how better laws can prevent the suffering, abandonment and abuse of big cats.  See CatLaws.com

194 7/29/05 Tampabay's Best Magazine did a feature on Big Cat Rescue and on Howard and Carole Baskin in their section called People With Style.

193 7/28/05 Ford ran an article about Jaguar of Tampa's Rob Elder and his sponsorship of the Jaguars and Cheetaro the Leopard at Big Cat Rescue.

192 7/19/05 Inside Edition did a story about a couple who came and enjoyed the Big Cat Expedition.

191 7/1/05 Fox 13's Cynthia Smoot interviewed Scott Lope about Savannah Cats as bad pets.

190 6/1/05 Tampa Tribune NW Section Carrollwood News reporter Rebekah Chrysler did a story on the Golden Palette painting the E Center for Big Cat Rescue.  It was front page and half an inside page with two great colour photos.

189 5/5/05 The Dayton Daily News did a story about the Harold Schnell Elementary class, lead by Jean Mayer that raised 600.00 for Big Cat Rescue by creating and selling The Big Cat Cookbook full of recipes from current and former governors.

188 4/8/05 The St. Pete Times writer Jackie Ripley did a cover story on the North of Tampa section about our great veterinarians, Dr. Stacy Wadsworth, DVM and Dr. Liz Wynn, DVM.

187 3/1/05 Karen Hamlin's travel column in Around the Ranch, a Florida publication featured Big Cat Rescue in Offbeat Travel.

186 2/22/05 Big Cat Rescue was on CNN Tuesday Feb. 22 7PM (EST) in Anderson Coopers 360 Black Market America. See it!

185 2/20/2005 The Staten Island Advance did a wonderful story about what it is like to visit Big Cat Rescue from an Expedition Guest: Eric Claro's perspective. Free Online.

184 2/14/05 Russell Rhodes of Fox 13 featured our Big Cat Wedding on their morning show.

183 2/14/05 The New Magic 94-9 radio hosted their fourth annual Valentine's Day wedding at Big Cat Rescue and gave us 100 air time mentions. The lucky couple was married on air by The Morning Show hosts Chadd and Kristi, was featured live on TV Fox 13's Russell Rhodes segment, and will appear on the cover of the summer issue of Tampa Bay's Best Wedding & Party Planner magazine.

182 2/13/05 The Tampa Tribune gave us 800 words and the front and back page of the Commentary Section in an article Howie wrote about why big cats don't make good pets. See the full colour version in PDF with the front page HERE and the back page HERE.

181 2/6/05 Carole Baskin quoted by Sapna Magazine about the disappearence of the tiger from the wild. More here.

180 2/2/05 We have been on 94.9 online a Cox Radio station for the past two weeks in a promotional give away of a dream wedding at Big Cat Rescue that will be announced Feb. 4, 2005.

179 1/30/05 The Ledger-Enquirer quoted Big Cat Rescue's Operations Manager on why canned hunts frequently have so many exotic cats in cages for illegal killing "Most of these places advertise for deer and elk hunting or maybe some type of bighorn sheep," said Scott Lope, manager of Big Cat Rescue animal sanctuary in Tampa, Fla. "But if you look at the bottom of the ads, you'll see fine print that says, 'Other species available upon request.' That's how they do it."

178 1/19/05 The Tampa Tribune Northwest Section did a story about the legislative efforts of Big Cat Rescue called Sanctuary Owner Urges Bann on Canned Hunts.

177 1/12/05 The Fox 13 show Your Turn, hosted by Kathy Fountain aired a debate about the inhumane aspects of circus life for the animals. Carole Baskin and Dr. John Mead debated Lance Ramos, a circus owner.

176 1/6/05 The WB Channel 38 ran a story about Ringling's Tigers coming to Big Cat Rescue.

175 The Tampa Tribune's Amy Scherzer recapped the best events of the year and included Big Cat Rescue



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